#2 Red Eyed Tree Frogs

Barbara Jenkin-CRCC

#3 Inspired Aria

Barbara Jenkin-CRCC

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Charles Hosken Results 2018

Charles Hosken Results 2018

#1 Spellbound

Angela Thompson-Truro CC


HC Alexis-Barry Thompson-Truro CC

HC Attitude-Stewart Privett-Wadebridge CC

HC Can you see the light Chris Robins--St Austell CC

HC  Dancing in the Clouds-Wendy Allard-CRCC

HC Storm Brian at twilight-Chris Bailey-Truro CC

HC Hattie-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC

HC Linh Mai-Angela Thompson-Truro CC

HC Smoke Lady-Mandy Steer-St Agnes CC

HC Misty Flight-Heather  Bodle-Launceston CC

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