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Nature Results 2021

Nature Results 2021

#1 Eyed Hawk Moth Caterpillar-Karin Aldridge-Falmouth CC

#3 House Sparrows-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC

#2 Striped Climber-Barbara Jenkin-CRCC

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HC -Backlit black headed gull-Rob Eschle-St Austell CC

HC -Five Spot Burnett Moth-Rob Eschle-St Austell CC

HC -Wolf Spider on Glass-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC

HC -Two Tiger Legged Frogs

Wendy Allard-Camborne Redruth  CC

HC -Golden-Ringed Dragonfly-BJT-Truro CC

HC -Green Iguana-Malcolm Jenkin-CRCC

HC --Owl Eating 2-Barbara Jenkin-CRCC

HC -Frilled Dragon Waiting-Malcolm Jenkin-CRCC